18 by 45 house plan

18 by 45 house plan in 3d

Today we are discuss about 18 by 45 house plan. Although ,the total area  of the plan  is 810 sqft. this area is best for making a small house, but today we discuss about it. we make a very  beautiful house in this area. 

House plan specifications:

Total are of the plan is 18 square feet Breadth Although 45 square feet Length. The Height of the roof : 10 feet and ,Total Area : 810 sq/ft.

Latest Home design of ground floor:

Ground floor of the 18 by 45 home design. Although you can also see,3D model of the ground floor as  shown below. Although starting if you don’t have much money so you can make only ground floor. that why i design all the necessary things at ground


small house plan Ground floor specification:

At the Ground floor 2 bedroom and one Kitchen. Also Combined Toilet and Bathroom. Stairs : window :3. car  parking:no Although with store no.Also see this one :

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you can see in 3D view.


18 by 45 modern home design 1st floor:

Now you can see the 1st floor of the house plans. you can also see the 3D model of the 1st floor as shown below.so you can see with all dimensions.


house plans 1st floor specification:

2 Bedroom. no Kitchen Although Toilet and bathroom.
Stairs L Size and 3 window. Baalkani: yes Also see
this one :

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you can see in 3D view.


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